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Aquafresh Makes Me Feel Fresh!Good Toothpaste.

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Aquafresh Health Good Makes Minty

I bought this toothpaste from a local discount shop, one where there are many products on offer, and all at reasonable prices. This Aquafresh toothpaste was no exception, and at exactly One Pound sounded quite a good price.

The toothpaste comes in the usual tube, the soft plastic one you always see, and contains 125ml. There is a plastic cap which is screwed on, this just needs a simple quarter turn until it goes click, and then it is secure. The nozzle is basic but functional, and the toothpaste is easily squeezed out, revealing the familiar red, white, and blue stripes. Children are amazed by this little piece of "Magic" but you can explain how there are actually three tubes inside one another.

I am not sure if the three colours are a different formula, because the white tastes like a paste, the other two colours feel more like a gel. I have used just about every toothpaste on the market, both gels and pastes, and this one compares very favourably. I will not comment on the claims made about it keeping your tooth enamel strong, or even about it making your gums healthy, all I know is that I personally like it.

The toothpaste tube comes packaged inside a cardboard box as is the usual method. This box contains all the information you will need, and the same information can be found on the tube itself. The title of the toothpaste, is "Aquafresh fresh & minty" and I can not argue with this description, there is a minty taste, although it is not overpowering like some toothpastes. It certainly does the job, and it makes your mouth feel very fresh.

The list of ingredients is impressive, it contains mainly water of course, then Hydrated Silica, which is the abrasive agent which scours away stains. The rest of the ingredient are pretty much standard too, including Titanium Dioxide, this is used to make the white a brilliant white (you would just not use grey toothpaste.) It also contains Fluoride as many others do, therefore children should not be allowed to swallow too much.

It is recommended that you use a pea -sized amount, and brush at least twice a day. This Aquafresh fresh and minty toothpaste, is made by GlaxoSmithKline healthcare, and is produced in Dublin in Ireland.

I find this easy to use, very effective, and pleasant enough to use first thing in the morning. I can not recommend it too highly.