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Archos Portable Media Player

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We purchased our Archos media player and recorder a few years ago and let me tell you what a lifesaver this has been. It is a portable DVR that you can use record TV, movies or music and then take anywhere with you. You can also upload your photos to it as well. We bought it to keep our son busy in the car and when we go out and it has helped us have hours of adult conversations while he is happy as a clam watching his favorite TV shows.

The model we have is the Archos 504. It has an 80 gigabyte hard drive that stores 40, 000 songs, 800, 000 pictures, 226 movies or 58 DVD's. We mainly use it to record my sons favorite shows from TV and it holds over 100 1/2 hour episodes. The entire unit is about the size of a PSP . It's light weight at only about 1 1/2 pounds and it is easy to carry around. It has a 4.3 inch LCD screen and the picture is beautiful and clear. It is compatible with MP3, WAV and WMA music files, JPEG, BMP and PNG picture files and MPEG and WMV video files so it basically can record almost anything. The battery lasts for over 5 hours when he is watching video and is supposed to last for up to 17 hours when it is used for music although I can not say we have tried that. If used with the docking station, you can also use it to watch what you have recorded through a TV as well.

We originally bought my son a portable DVD player but it was such a hassle. Not only was it big, but you also had to carry around any DVD's you wanted to watch and it could not record TV or music so we used it only a few times. TheArchos on the other hand, we take with us every time we leave the house. Everywhere we go people come up and ask us what it is and how it works. It's tough too as my son has dropped it or knocked it over more times than I can count and it's still working. It's a bit on the expensive side but we have really gotten our money's worth out of it and I highly recommend it to parents who want to keep their kids occupied on the go.