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Are Antiques A Thing Of The Past?

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I like my antiques, I like the feel, the patina, the smell, and I even like the price. I know, it all depends what you like, You may be a Pot Man, I'm not but I do like wood, any old dark Mahogany, Rosewood, or even Oak. I enjoy polishing such materials, improving them, and adding to their value. You either go for small Treen trinkets, or massive dressers that are so cheap, because Houses are not big enough to accomodate such items nowadays.

As this is an edited review, I have removed a lot of text referring to various antiques, and am advised to concentrate on one particular subject. I shall be writing about Art, which is on the increase. The subject is varied as there are different types, you can collect paintings of course, but what sort? Old masters? Thick heavy Oil paintings? Watercolours? Pen & Ink? Pastels? Pencil sketches? As you can see, there are many types of paintings, and the examples I have given refer to just the old ones. You could of course choose a different era, or style. Perhaps Modern, Salvador Dali, Andy Worhol maybe? How about going for the latest trend? this is the use pf a modern ink jet printer, putting any image onto a textured surface like canvas, the effect is like an old painting, and it is difficult to tell them apart. A print of course is far cheaper, so you will be able to afford a greater selection.

Having covered paintings, I am sorely tempted to touch on other examples of art. I could suggest Arts & Crafts items, or go for the weird & wonderful, like a pile of tyres in the Tate Modern. The problem I have of course, is that as soon as I mention more than one subjec, I run the risk of the entire review being rejected, so I shall do more reviews, on different subjects, and everyone will be happy.

Whatever you collect, you will have something that will on average, keep it's value, and last longer than a modern equivalent. You will also have something you can cherish, and hopefully pass onto the next generation, that is Priceless!

Antiques have no owner, you are just the Custodian, until someone else can care for them. Thank you for reading, any comments will be most welcome.