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Are The Dishes Clean Or Dirty?

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This small low-tech indicator is easy enough to use that I even got the guys to use it most of the time.

There are a lot of simple indicator products on the market that allow you to note whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. Most of them involve a two-sided magnet with “clean” on one side and “dirty” on the other. You simply turn the magnet over to change the message. Well, as we all know, people can be lazy. For my guys, even this seemed like too much work.

However, when I had one of these little gadgets, we all actually used it pretty faithfully. This little bar fastens to the dishwasher (or anywhere you want) with a sticky back. There is a slider panel that says “Dishwasher Alert, ” that you just slide back and forth. When the panel is pushed to the right, the word “Clean” is revealed, to the left you get “Dirty.” All it takes is a flick of the finger.

It is black, 1 x 4 inches, so it is fine with pretty much any decor.

This gadget did eventually come apart. The ink on the letters started to wear off first, but you could still read it because the words were molded in. Finally the slider bar came off, but it lasted quite a long time in a house full of boys. Right now we don’t have a dishwasher, but if we did, I think I’d order one of these again.

I do think that the $5.99 price tag is a bit steep. I’m sure I didn’t pay that much when I bought one. It’s currently on sale for $3.99, but that is probably temporary.