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Are They Really?

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This is a book I own that I'm sort of embarassed about. The title is 101 More Reasons Why a Cat is Better than a Man. It makes me sound like a true cat lady haha. I got it as a gift a couple years back. I think the illustrations are cute. They tend to be funnier and more light-hearted than the text. The text sounds bitter at times, like the book was written by someone who was burned too many times by men.

Here are a few of the more ascerbic zingers in the text portion of the book: "A cat would never say, "I'll give you a call, " if he didn't mean it"; "A cat would never leave you for a younger woman"; and "A cat would never suggest a trial separation." Trust me; there are many more and some are depressing!

Here are a few I actually like and are kinda funny: "Cats don't make a big deal about Superbowl Sunday, unless, of course, you serve shrimp dip"; "A cat would never wear a shirt that called attention his chest hair"; and "Cats don't hang gun collections in the family room."

This is supposed to be a humor book. To be honest, it hasn't made me laugh out loud. I think this book would be much better if the text portion wasn't such a downer and was more silly. The cartoons make up for it, to a point, but again, they aren't hilarious or anything. The book cost $7.95. It's a paperback and is 88 pages.