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Are You Looking For A Great Anti Itch Lotion?

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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I had shingles the first year I was on the medication combo of imuran and prednisone. At first, my sciatic nerve burned from my left buttocks to my ankle. When I went to my primary care physician, he thought that I had some nerve inflammation. So he gave me some vicodine ... I can't use ibuprofen and told me to put a hot pad on the painful area.

It just got worse. About two days later, a rash with blisters spread on my buttocks. Back to the doctor I went. It was shingles. So, I started on a course of anti-virus medications. It took about three days before I was able to get the shingles under control. During that time I was in agony.

A friend of mine told me about Sarna. His father had had shingles for eight years. Yes, that long. Anyway, Sarna was the only anti-itch medication that he found that could cool the pain. So I tried it. It was fabulous. The itching and pain immediately went away. I had to reapply about every two to three hours. And, the lotion smells like an old folks home, but I'd use it again. In fact, I have used it for dry itchy skin and sunburn. I sunburn easily.

Anyway, it is great stuff. It was so good for me that when I talked to another patient who had shingles, I recommended this product. Just a note: this product is steroid free.