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Arm And Hammer Cat Litter

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By aktiv8_f8 on
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Arm and Hammer may work in our refrigerator but has been found not tough enough for the cat litter box. Since I have been using Arm and Hammer in the refrigerator since I was small, I thought it would be the perfect solution to our “stinky” little ones cat litter.

We bought this one from PetSmart one day thinking it was going to be the best product on the market, since Arm and Hammer have a long history of various deodorizers. We were wrong in thinking this though.

When we poured the cat litter into the box for the first time we noticed a large amount of dust come out of the box. Our litter box is slightly hidden in a small room which was completely filled with cat litter dust after pouring it for the first time. Optimistically thinking, we kept pouring and figured everything would clear out in a few moments time. It took about ten minutes to have the air completely cleared but then we were left with dust particles all over the floor to pick up.

Still keeping optimistic, we allowed the cat to test out the new litter that was purchased. At first, since there was a lot of dust in the air, she would not use the litter box. Shortly after the air cleared though, she went in and “did her business”. The results were again depressing.

The cat litter, although from a company with a great reputation crumbled to pieces for my family. Not only is there a lot of dust when you pour the litter out of the box but when you clean the litter box, the air fills up completely again. If this were not enough to turn me away from using it again, it does not clump as it should and has to be entirely thrown out each time the box is cleaned.

With our poor results, I would turn away from suggesting this product to anyone.