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Arm And Hammer Fridge N Freezer Fresh

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I have a need for "fresh" smelling things and that includes keeping my fridge and freezers happily free of odors. When I saw the new Arm and Hammer Fresh Fridge product I wondered what was so new and improved about it over the old boxed Arm and Hammer baking soda solutions.

I decided to try it out a few weeks ago when we got the new fridge. My children sometimes have a habit of sticking an onion or boiled eggs, unwrapped, into the fridge and well we all know what those two things can smell like!

However, I decided that if I was going to buy this product and later review it, I might as well put it to the test. As difficult as it was for me to stink up a perfectly fresh smelling fridge, I did...I stuck an unpeeled and sliced onion and a boiled egg in the fridge, uncovered, and let them sit. When I opened the fridge after about an hour or so the mingling odors wafted out. The smell was terrible and I quickly grabbed the Fresh Fridge package. The little white disk which is about 3" in diameter comes with a little suction cup on the back of it which you should moisten with a bit of water first to get it to stick well. The disk actually just melds into the fridge interior once its adhered and you actually find that you don't even notice its presence usually.

There is a small tab on the front of the round plastic container as well as a vented front face on the container which is packaged with a breathable material which contains pure 100% baking soda. The little tab needs to be removed and the small 'life indicator' needs to be activated by rubbing it. After sticking the disk onto the back of the fridge I found that it hardly takes up any room at all and is much more conducive to inclusion into a packed fridge than the box ever was. Stuck neatly out of the way, I closed the fridge and left it for a few hours. When I checked, there was a noticeable reduction of scents...it wasn't totally gone but it was dissipating.

Within 24 hours the fridge smelled fresh and the onion and egg smells where gone despite the fact the two items were still open and not covered. I decided to wrap them up and was impressed to say the least that this little round disk of baking soda worked so well.

When the indicator bar turns pink it's time to replace the disk. The fridge (I just checked) still smells fresh and the indicator is just a very pale hint of pink so far. It's still sticking well and so far, I think it's a product that I will continue to buy.

Next time I'll purchase one for the freezers and update this once I have determined how well they work within a frozen environment.

Overall, this is an inexpensive way to keep the fridge smelling great and you never have to worry about a box of open baking soda spilling or trying to make room for it in the fridge. This product is perfect for keeping smells at bay and doing so discreetly.