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Arm And Hammer Whitening Booster

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These days, everywhere you look, you see bright white teeth. It makes those of us who are a little older feel rather dull. I was looking for a product that I could use to whiten my smile, that would not be harsh, so I decided to try this whitening booster, by Arm & Hammer. It is easy to use. Just simply wet your toothbrush, apply your favorite toothpaste, and then put an equal amount of whitening booster on top of the toothpaste. Then brush as normal.

While it does freshen your mouth considerably, it only minimally whitens your teeth. Nothing drastic here, or even that noticeable. Though it claims to have twice as much whitening agent as a leading whitening strip, I am not convinced. I just didn't see dramatic results.

On the positive side, it is enamel safe, and can be used daily. It isn't messy or inconvenient. The whitening agent it contains is peroxide, which is the same ingredient many dentists use for whitening.

The bottle should be stored cap down, and it should be tapped against the counter prior to use.

If irritation occurs, you should stop use, and the product should not be swallowed.

I have been hesitant to pay the money required for a dentist to whiten my teeth, and a little afraid of whitening strips. However, I believe whitening strips may be a better choice for good results.