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Aroma 8 Cup Digital Rice Cooker Food Steamer

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I got this Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer because our old one broke. We eat a lot of rice and steam a lot of veggies as well. So when I found this Aroma Rice Cooker and Food steamer on sale! I bought it!


The cooker I bought is an Aroma 8 cup digital rice cooker/food steamer. It has a removable non-stick pot with measurements on the inside to make figuring out how much water to use easy.

This is the type that has the cool to the touch plastic outer “cooker” with an attached hinged lid. It is white with a digital front panel display/ control panel. There is a timer so you can delay the start. It automatically goes to the keep warm setting when cooking is done.

It also comes with a plastic soup ladle, rice paddle, rice measuring cup and steamer tray. There is also a steam vent, & condensation collector…all of the parts snap on and off easily. This makes cleaning all those little guys more convenient. Another nice thing about this cooker is that there is a chime alarm that goes off when the rice is done cooking.

This Aroma Rice Cooker is easy to use…the digital control panel has only 3 buttons. This is a good thing because I don’t do well with complicated controls! The instruction booklet is easy to follow, and includes instructions on how to cook rice, time tables for cooking/steaming a variety of foods in their cooker, and cleaning instructions.

The measuring cup they include and the water level measurements on the inside of the removable pot make it easy to get everything perfect! No guessing, so your rice /water ratio is right every time! It takes about 20 minutes to cook rice, steaming food times vary depending on what you are cooking.

The food steamer basket just sets in the top of the inner pot. You add the amount of water to steam the type of food you are steaming (the booklet is really helpful there) and push the “ON” button. It’s that easy. Every time I have used it, my veggies, rice, what ever I am cooking has been perfect! It is an 8 cup size cooker, we don't on a regular basis need that much but for family parties...perfect!It's nice to have the option of cooking larger amounts if needed.

Clean up is easy…the outer cooker just wipes down...the inner pot you just wash like you would any pot…same thing for all the utensils that come with it!

There is also a limited warranty on the cooker.

Over all I am so happy with this rice cooker. I was going to buy one at the Asian Market in Sacramento…A Tiger brand cooker. If anyone is familiar with that brand …you know that it is an awesome, AWESOME rice cooker/steamer BUT EXPENSIVE! It was going to cost me around $90 to get one the same size or a little smaller than the Aroma I bought.

I paid $24.99 for this Aroma Cooker. It was on sale at Target. I am so glad that I was able to find this and save myself some money! This pot has been wonderful, I have no complaints.