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Aromacreme From Lush No More Stinky Pits!

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roxyroo By roxyroo on
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I was skeptical, having read reviews about LUSH deodorants not working, or causing dreaded "fire pits" (painful, red armpits). However I was very fed up with all of the mainstream natural brands. None of them worked! all of them smelled bland or worse...patchouli or lavender or unscented (unscented is usually code for icky-ingredient-oil smell!).

Also, LUSH is known for being expensive. Was an eight dollar pot of deodorant going to be worth it? Would it smell bad? Would I smell bad?

It comes in a plastic oval deli container, which puts off some people. It's sold by weight; there's a big scoop of the stuff in the container. You take a pinch out and rub on dry armpits.

Trial period--do NOT use just after shaving. You will get fire pits. However I got red, sore armpits from Suave and other non-natural brands. Not to mention the awful ingredients in those brands.

Now, I bought a pot in February and JUST had to buy a new one--and the fiance and I share. That is some deal, as before I was buying a stick of the natural stuff at the same price every two or three months!

The smell is slightly-sweet floral. It's not overpowering, but it is definitely there. However my man uses it and doesn't think it's too girly.

The real test...does it work?

Yes! wonderfully! A small dab rubbed in (the texture is creamy and delightful) lasts all day. Not only do I smell NOT like body odour...my armpits are actually FRAGRANT!

How about sweat, you ask? While it doesn't keep you dry through a hard workout or out hiking, it keeps you dry even when you're nervous or out walking in the heat or doing a session of yoga.

Great stuff--one of the best personal care purchases I have ever made!