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I love certain magazines and it bothers me to have to rate this particular magazine so low but it's title should be Advertisments Directory for the Art Jewelry Industry, as this magazine is advert heavy and content light. The only reason I'm being generous is that the "freebie" 4 page flyer that caused this issue to be wrapped in plastic, had a tutorial that I considered was worth paying for. The publisher of this magazine also puts out Bead&Button & Bead Style. Surprisingly, I purchased this magazine early last year but the difference in content seems to have lessened while ads have increased.

I've been known to frequently spend over $20 on a single magazine simply because the content is of interest to me - even if there is a single article that has drawn my attention, I still consider the money I've spent to be worth it. On average I spend close to $100 on the magazines that I consider worth the expense, three of which carry a $20 price tag and three or 4 more at least that carry prices of between $5.95 and $10.95 - an expenditure every month that I don't think twice about making because I feel I am getting my money's worth. Rarely do I ever purchase a magazine that I consider destined to become part of my recyclables rather than my collection, but frankly, this particular magazine has earned the distinction of the former.

The unfortunate thing about this particular issue is that it came wrapped in plastic - thus restricting me from learning what really lay between its covers - which quite frankly was very little of anything save page upon page of advertisements! Certainly the cover intrigued me, bearing little information but some reasonably interesting visuals that worked to entice me to purchase it uninvestigated.

Visiting the site I discovered that the richness of conent displayed there (but for which you need to register of course) certainly didn't carry over to this particular issue of the magazine - the latest which is Issue #26. Unfortunately, this is the last issue of this magazine I will be purchasing unless they can get their ad to content ratio evened out a bit more. Frankly, the "freebie" insert carried more interesting content than the actual magazine did.

There are "workshops" included in this issue but unless you are interested in only the few provided, in my opinion, the magazine as a whole wasn't really worth the money I spent. The chain maille earrings displayed in the little 4 page flyer interested me, and in particular the chain maille tutorial that was displayed in the Index after I was finally free to rip off the plastic "seal", at the first of the magazine thrilled me - but that was very short lived when I discovered that to obtain that little tidbit of information meant I would have to subscribe to the magazine which would then "unlock" that tutorial which is housed on the magazine's site. I'm certain a search will uncover an equally interesting tutorial on the technique elsewhere though.

There were approx 4 "workshops" included in the magazine but frankly, where of little interest to me despite the fact that one of the images on the cover related to a technique sounded interesting until I read it. This magazine was "browsed through" in under 2 minutes! That is a record for me but then I'm a pretty fast browser when it comes to ads - I hate them. While I'm evaluating whether or not to purchase any magazine, usually it's the ones fashioned like this one, with ads galore, that quickly get placed back on the shelf and I will rarely if ever consider the magazine again - unfair of me perhaps, but I truly hate paying for little else than adverts.

In my opinion - if you enjoy browsing ads - you will find this magazine a winner. If you don't and you are after what I was after- rich content that offers value for the money? Skip over this particular magazine and spend your money elsewhere because even the content this magazine promises is great - can't be had unless you subscribe - bummer.