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As Seen On Tv! Love The Can Opener :

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I'm a sucker for the As Seen on TV things, so when I saw this can opener at the same time that I was about to buy a crank opener, I figured I'd give it a try. This was about a year ago now and the thing is still working as well as the day I bought it!

It comes in so handy-When I'm making a dish (especially if it's a soup of a crock pot type meal where you need multiple cans opened while you're in the middle of doing something else), I just grab the can that I want opened, put this little device on top and press the button until it starts the opening process. The device glides along the top of the can, cutting just below the seam, and continues all the way around until the can is competely opened. It takes about 10 seconds to open a normal sized can, but when you're cooking something that needs constant stirring, the time it takes you to use a crank opener may be all the time it takes for your meal to burn!!

Good points-it works well, it's pretty fast, and it's durable.

Bad points-sometimes it has a hard time sensing the tiny cans (ie tomato paste or that sort of thing), it's a little large for my utensil drawer, but not a big deal.

This is not one of those that doesn't leave the sharp edge, so don't exect that, but overall, this was a great investment-it's saved me time when cooking and it makes my life easier because I HATE when I'm trying to open a can and my crank opener keeps skipping! This one doesn't skip.

I suggest you but one, especially if you're losing strength in your hands and have a difficult time opening things yourself or if you just want to save a little time and energy! Save that extra money for some cans of soup to open ;)