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Ashen Is Here To Blow You Away

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Cameron Eittreim By Cameron Eittreim on
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N-gage as many of us faithful gamers know is dead, the nokia n-gage never really took off. Ashen is one of those gems that you should pick up for this gaming/phone hybrid. I didn't think Red Faction was the best FPS on the N-gage but it showed me the N-Gage has potential. Ashen is like most FPS games, you walk around shooting anything in sight. Ashen does manage to throw some sort of gameplay your way, you have to make it through 8 fully 3d levels. The levels are like giants mazes and it will take at least two hours to warm up to them, they are similar to duke nukem 3d.

The Graphics are about as appealing as playing a sega genesis, there are huge enviorment tears everywhere. I wasn't expecting much from a cell phone but still. The lighting effects are pretty good except when you enter darkness.

Ashen gives you a choice of nine weapons to choose from, the usual shotgun and handgun are the first. But you also can choose from plasma guns all the way to a pulse gun. The weapons aren't on par with doom or quake but you just can't help blowing your enemies away.

The controls are decent for a cellphone game, but nothing excellent. Overall I think this is a decent game if not a collector that you should add to your N-Gage collection.