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Assassin's Creed: New Review Of An Old Game

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By cmiller618 on
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Assassin's Creed is a Video Game for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. You play as a character named Desmond Miles/Altair Ibn La-Aha. Desmond Miles is hooked up to this machine that can access your memories. Not only that but can access your ancestors' memories. This is where Altair comes into play. Altair is a well established assassin (They explain this all in the beginning of the game so I am not spoiling anything) who essentially makes a mistake that causes himself to not only threatened his own country, but also lost his rankings. In a Grand Theft Auto-esque fashion, you go through missions ordered by your guild leader, to not only kill traitors of your guild and country but also to rebuild the ranking you once had.

By now it is a very old game by gamers standards. I just had the thrill of playing this game. I must say while it is not the best game ever, it certainly entertained me. My only gripes with the game, would have to be the replay value and the repetitiveness. When you beat a really good game, you want a reason to get back to the game. This is something that all games should do at least in my opinion. Give the gamer more to do. He /She just beat the game, so what next? This game did not really offer that. Next, the repetitiveness felt like I was playing the same mission over and over again. When you're playing a game, you don't want the same mission over and over again. Especially with a game like this.

Overall this game had a brilliant story. It was certainly entertaining. Anyone who hasn't played this game, I recommend this. This is a love or hate kind of game. Some I know loved it, others hate it. But either way like Grand Theft Auto, you gotta try it.