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janetlynn By janetlynn on
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Sea Breeze has been around for a long time. I have used it off and on since my high school days. Back then, I used this facial astringent to prevent and treat pimples.

Sea Breeze does have a strong scent and it can irritate your eyes if you are sensitive like me - most likely because of the camphor and clove in it, and whatever the "fragrance" is. But I just try to not put it on my skin near my eyes because getting it too close can cause your eyes to tear.

But in addition to cleansing your face, I wasn't sure if everyone knew how well Sea Breeze does on removing hair color from your skin? Yes, it does.

For those of you who use hair colors, even the blonde colors turn dark and can tint your skin around your hairline. I hate that part of coloring my hair or touching up my roots. But if that happens, put some Sea Breeze on a cotton ball or tissue and wipe right off. It works better than plain water. But if you leave the hair color on your skin for too long (I'd say for several minutes), you can attempt to wipe it off, but you'll have to wait for it to just fade off your skin. Sea Breeze will remove some of the color but not all of it at that point. But you do have a minute or two of treating your skin before it stains. So use Sea Breeze right away and never worry about hair color tinted skin again. Not only that, you'll be left feeling very refreshed from the clean scent and tingly feeling only Sea Breeze gives. And this Sea Breeze is also for Sensitive Skin, so I have never had a bad reaction like I have with other products. I consider it an all purpose cleanser for my skin.