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Asus Eee Pc 900 16 G

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By mellaview on
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I have been longing for an Asus Eee PC for close to a year now, and recently Target has began displaying them in their stores for prices I was not quite willing to pay. I decided to take my search online, where I came across an even better model, with more space than the ones being sold in Target stores.

The reason I wanted this little netbook was really for a gift for my mother. I had read numerous reviews stating that Linux run computers were a little easier for new users to computers.

When the netbook arrived I was pretty surprised at how tiny it was, yet at the same time how efficient and mobile it was.

The system boots up pretty quickly and comes with easy to understand tabs. Such as internet, work, play, documents, games and so on.

Everything is set up to make things easy, and really it helped a lot. I personally was also new to the Linux system, and to be honest liked how things were set up a lot more than Windows.


The Asus Eee PC 900 ran just as fast as my decked out windows desktop. It did get a little sluggish on sites such as Myspace, but my desktop does too.

I found the keyboard to be a little cramped, but after getting used to it, typing on it is pretty easy, and you don't even notice it's cramped after awhile.

The system does not come with a mouse, but I recommend you buy a wireless one, to make life easier. The touch pad works fine, but I don't like it personally, and neither did my mother.

The webcam takes nice well lit and clear photos, and honestly it managed to impress me.

Overall the Asus Eee PC 900 is a mini blessing. My mom can now cruise the net, watch streaming video, send emails, keep in touch with others on myspace, and all in all just have a good time with the machine.

It's screen is 8.7 inches, and did not cause strain on either of us.

I'm pretty impressed with the little guy, and my mom, she loves it.

The only issue we had was that the voice command does not respond when you command it to go to the internet. All other commands work except for this one.

Highly recommended for children, school work, college, and elder. It is a simple netbook that will only take a few minutes to fully comprehend.