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Asus Eee Pc Laptop

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The Asus EeePC is a sub-notebook made by Asus, a Hong Kong based company. This tiny subnotebook is Asus' contribution to supplying third-world countries with laptops. For ever computer purchased, Asus will donate one to a child.

The Asus is considered revolutionary, offering a full-functioning laptop for a mere $400 USD. This is because of the native Xandros Linux operating system that is loaded. Because Linux is free, the cost of the EeePC is greatly reduced.

The Xandros OS is very nice, utilizing the KDE work environment. It comes with two modes, Easy and Advanced, with easy mode being default. The OS can easily be switched to advanced mode for anyone comfortable with Linux, or anyone who wishes to install or remove programs. The interface is smooth, with glossy icons and easy to navigate tabs.

The body of the Eee is small, hence its status of subnotebook. It has a full-functioning keyboard and can be typed on relatively easy. The screen is 7 inches diagonal, with two speakers mounted on either side. It comes in two colors, white and black.

There is a built-in 802.11 b/g wireless card, which functions perfectly and can connect to any network. The Eee comes with 3 USB ports, and nice feature in such a small machine. It can be used with an add-on mouse and keyboard, and can work with any drag and drop mp3 players or external hard drives.

The most unique aspect of this laptop is its hardware. The Eee is completely solid state, meaning it has no moving parts. In place of a hard drive, there is a flash card soldered to the motherboard. The max size of the card is 8 gigabytes; there is an SD card slot, giving the user the opportunity to add up to a 32 gig SD card, taking the total hard drive space to 40 gigs.

The adapter is 2-pronged and thin, and the overall unit weighs 2lbs.

The Eee pc truly is revolutionary. It is the first to cost so little, to come with so many features, and to be loaded with Linux. It functions perfectly, is light, durable, and can be used by children, students, travelers, and road-warriors.