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At Long Last! Megaman 9 For Wii

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At long last we have Megaman 9 for Wii. Megaman 8 was made way back in 1996 - thats twelve years people. However contrary to Megaman games turning 3D, Megaman has reverted to his classic 2D self and the game plays like the Megaman of Megaman 1. No slide and megabuster here. A lot of nostalgia for longtime fans of the Blue Bomber.

I applaud the Wiiware model. It uses emulation technology to simulate retro systems. It also eliminates added costs such as media (CD's or cartidges) and packaging and shipping that add to the cost of games. At $10.00 this game is an absolute bargain!

The story of Megaman 9 is that Dr. Wily has framed Dr. Light of crimes he did not commit.He brainwashed the 8 robot masters created by Dr. Light to serve his evil purposes. These robots were supposed to be scrapped. Dr. Wily preyed upon the fear of the robots and repaired them so that they may serve him.Unfortunately the whole world believes that Dr. Light has gone bad and you must clear his name.

The game comes with eight new robot masters - Concrete Man, Tornado Man, Splash Woman (yes a woman!), Plugman, Jewel Man, Hornet Man, MagmaMan and Galaxy Man.The robots and the stages look like the NES Megaman games. What is surprising though is a level of difficulty not seen since Megaman 1.

The game comes with some added features for Wii points. You could play as Protoman. You could also participate in challenges such as Endless Attack, Special Stage, Hero Mode and Superhero Mode. This gives the game added replay value.

Pretty much the game is just like any Megaman game. You finish the stages of the robot masters, you go to Wily's castle, face some bosses and then face the eight robot masters again before facing Dr. Wily himself and then Dr. Wily would beg for forgiveness. Same old story but for some reason the story never gets old. A must have for Megaman fanatics out there!