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At Your Service Ice Cube Trays Cheap, All Right

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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single At Your Service ice cube tray

I was prepared to give these inexpensive ice cube trays a pretty good rating, right up until I just emptied one to put some ice in a cold drink. Now I have to say that they are only moderately good, because they don’t appear to be very durable.

About a month ago I finally broke the last tray that came with our (old) refrigerator. I wanted to get some silicone ice cube trays, but couldn’t find any at the local stores and I didn’t want to wait. So I bought these really cheap trays that were 3 for $1.99.

The plastic is rather thin, but quite flexible, and at that price I was willing to give them a try.

They look odd, but there is a method to the system. The spaces for the cubes alternate between “regular” size and slightly narrower. That is pretty ingenious, because it means that if you align the trays one way they will nest together for storage. But if you alternate the trays, they will sit on top of each other– the way you want them to be with water in them to make ice cubes. There are numbers on each end, and also a “bump out” or “bump in” so you can easily tell if you are stacking them the right way. (If you fill them with water and put them together in the nesting way, the result will be wet and refreshing, but you will have to start over!)

The real test was going to be how easily the cubes pop out. The answer to that, up until today, has been “just fine.” However, I guess I got a little too much water in one tray last time, because today the ice cube trays were frozen together. When I twisted them to separate, you can see in the picture that one of the trays cracked. Now that’s not so good. I’ve only had these for three weeks. I realized what was happening in time to stop before it cracked so deeply that it will leak. But these aren’t going to be more than a temporary fix for my ice cube needs.

I think I’ll need to be careful not to overfill the cups. That’s what created the problem. The cubes do have channels between the cups so that the water will be self-leveling, but I think if you put enough water in them to need that feature then they are too full

They are made in the USA by United Solutions, and marketed under the At Your Service brand.