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Atomader Game Review

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sayantan04 By sayantan04 on
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I used to search for free online gameswhen I came across MSN's game portal. At present though I am registered at many game portals, but the story wasn't the same then. However, now I found Atomader under the action games sub-category in MSN, since I really was more into action games. The game takes a little time to load since you have to first install the ActiveX control into your browser before begining the game.

Normally there's always at least other 6-8 members playing this game. Upon achieving a desired point of the game you get badges for reaching that level. The games is mainly about firing the hell out of the alien ships that come to destroy you. All you have to do is dodge their grenades and shoot their ships down. Though it may sound simple, I simply had a gala time. More because as you are elevated to the next level the difficulty and the amount of the alien ships are also increased. The game also continuously gives the playernew weapons, that what makes the game even more interesting.The graphics of the game is good enough. It is something that will always bring you back for more. The scoring pattern is obvoiusly by the number of ships you bring down in that level. Check it out if you'd like to at www.games.msn.com