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Atonement: Good Writing, Too Much Of It

Reviewing: Ian Mc Ewan Atonement  |  Rating:
By maryfofary on
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I purchased Atonement by Ian McEwan after seeing the previews for the movie with Keira Knightly. It was $7.99, whih is not bad for a paperback at all. I started reading immediatley and was immediatley engrossed with the story. Character development is slow at first, but once it picks up it is truly amazing. McEwan is an incredible wirter and you are very much pulled in to the story. I want give away any spoilers but the book is centered around a rape. The scene is done very briefly and tastefully, giving a clear picture of what is happening but without superfluous shock factor details. The book is very classic and almost reads like an Austen novel. It is set in the World War II era in England and does very well creating this atmosphere and time period.

The only problem I had with the book is that it becomes boring towards the end. The story tends to drag a little and a few chapters could have been left out to keep the reader's attention. The end is also kind of strange. While you read it, it seems likeMcEwan just slapped something together last minute. It ends rather abruptly, however once you have thought about it for a while the ending really is pretty perfect for this story. I loved the book and the movie and would highly reccomend both!