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Atonement Movie Review

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Atonement , a masterpiece of award winning English Director Joe Wright. Earned numerous awards and nominations in various International Film Festivals, including Best Original Score won in the Oscars and best picture in the Golden Globe. Released in 2007, starring James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. A tale of heartbreaking love story of Robbie and Cecilia.


James McAvoy as Robbie Turner

Keira Knightley as Cecilia Tallis

Saoirse Ronan as Briony Tallis (age 13)

Romola Garai as Briony Tallis (age 18)

Vanessa Redgrave as Briony Tallis (age 77)


A story of love, of fate, of regrets, of atonement.... The story revolves around the Tallis sisters Cecilia and Briony who had both attracted to Robbie Turner, the son of a the Tallis family caretaker. Cecilia and Robbie are deeply in love with each other. Briony who was then 13, is a witness to that. But Briony has done a significant mistake of her life that brings about Robbie and Cecilia depart their ways and enter into a tragic, painful love affair. Briony never realizes her mistakes until it was too late. She had been drawing off by her conscience of how deeply sorry she was for what she had done. She spend entire life with her troubled conscience. Until such time, through the noble she wrote about her own life, she tried to give a happy ending for Robbie and Cecilia. Despite of helplessness, in some way, she did make an atonement for what she has done in the past.


Atonement is a very touching emotional life drama. A one of a kind unique story of love and of life. It signifies the truth that the mistake of the past could have result into a whole life of regret. Robbie and Cecilia, in the story did never give up on their love through the test of time and no matter what changes in their life would that be.

The characters of Robbie and Cecilia was both portrayed excellently by James McAvoy (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Keira Knightley (Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of the Caribbean). They had able to give life the character.

The performance of the young Tallis played by Saoirse Ronan, was noticeable in this movie. She was able to give life the distinct character and innocence of a young Briony. In fact, she was recognized in her performance in this movie. She won Best Youth Performance awards by Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards and Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards. This movie is worth watching.