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Att Long Distance Is A Nightmare

Reviewing: At&T Unlimited Long Distance With A Hidden Cap  |  Rating:
Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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Back when we first moved to this little town four years ago, our phone service was SBC. About a year later, AT&T took over the phone service, and I just knew we would have problems. We had many issues with SBC, but with AT&T the problems only intensified. It was like making a bad situation worse.

The major issues we had was with their Long Distance Service. Although, all their other services were just about as bad.

My Problems with AT&T Long Distance

(1) They increased the price to around $50.00 for what was suppose to be an unlimited long distance plan. (This was when the reality of not having true unlimited long distance first occurred to us.) They added a cap of $500.00, and then lowered it to $200.00, but did not tell us of any changes. They said they sent us a notification of the change in rates, but we never did receive one. We found out the hard way when we received the phone bill. Later, we were told that it was in the announcement information when they first took over SBC. Oh, it was. It was in print so small it took a magnifying glass for me to read it.

(2) They increased the cost of their regular long distance rates making the cap quicker to be reached. You see the cap is based on the cost per minute of their regular long distance. When the cost per minute increases, the cap will be reached rather quickly. We were paying for this agrivation in their unlimited long distance plan.

(3) Customer service was a nightmare. Once you did get a human person on the line, they were rude and unable to help much. They were not very knowledgeable about their own services.

(4) Calls we did not even make began and continued to show up on our bill. These calls were to places we had never even heard of or knew existed. AT&T was not helpful at all. They refused to acknowledge their mistake. It took a report to the Better Business Bureau to get these charges removed from our bill.

(5) We tried several times to get our cap raised only to be told that this was the best AT&T could offer us, and we would just have to accept it.

Well, we didn't accept this and closed our service. I believed then and still do that having no phone at all was better then dealing with AT&T.

I have seen many newer services popping up by AT&T since they took over our phone service four years ago. (I receive their advertisement all the time, which are pitched into file thirteen.) They are in strong competition with Time Warner, and they are trying to match their services. If they tell you they are offering unlimited long distance, read the fine print on the information they send you about it. You may be surprised to find you have a cap, and it may not be very high. It may start out higher and will be lowered later.

Also, watch their rates. They have a tendency to change them often.

For those who have had good luck with AT&T, I would say that I am glad you did. Mine was horrible, and I would not have a phone if their service was the only service available to me. So, as you might have figured out by now, I would certainly not recommend this long distance plan to anyone.