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Att Partner Ii Communications Systems

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debbie831 By debbie831 on
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I work in an office and I am in charge of answering the phones. We have the AT&T Parnter II phone system and I love it. We have about 32 phones in our building and they are all programmed off of my main phone system, which makes it great for me.

I have the main switch board which is the phone plus a side panel that has all the extensions on it. I love this because when a call comes in I just hit the extension button and it transfers that persons phone, so this way I don't have to remember extension numbers. I can page throughtout the phones and the factory. The only bad thing is you can't do both at once, so I need to page through all the phones and then page out into the factory.

Most of the guys working here are a little electronically challenged so being able to program their phones for them right from my desk is a big help. I can set up their voice mail, passwords, rings, just about anything right from my desk.

My only complaint and why I gave it a lower score on durability is I have problems with the cord from the phone to the receiver. Every once in awhile it will go out when I pick up the phone and I have to tell the person on the other line, I can't hear you can you please call back. I need to wiggle the plug and the dial tone will come back. I have AT&T out several times, they have given me a new cord, a new receiver and I still have the same problem. Next it will be a whole new phone.

Other than that, this is a great system for a small office. Our phone systems has 12 lines and I have 32 extensions. We have never had a problem other than the one I mentioned with any of the phones and all in all AT&T has been pretty good about coming out to service this system when needed.