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Att Tilt Kaiser Impressive?

Reviewing: At&T (Made By Htc) Tilt 8925 (Kais160)  |  Rating:
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After doing a few hours of research knowing Christmas time was coming I decided to find a phone that was out of the ordinary and would help me begin to grasp the feel of a smartphone. The AT&T tilt struct my idea with its incredible featues and speed that blew the Iphone out of the water (in a majority of areas). Comparing it to the iphone in looks, the iphone would win. Comparing it to all around speed, compatibility, business quality, etc - TILT. The company that produces the phone (or should I say invented) HTC has been doing this awhile and you can see differant versions of the phone for differant companies. The advid users of this phone (the five I've met in the pat two months) love it.

Positives: You can download codecs and software with easy enabling you to view javascript, youtube videos, and even put on gameboy emulators (Etc) if you were to choose so, I went with Super Mario. HTC has also come out with programs making the initial interface "BEAUTIFUL" and simple (5 or 6 tab program offered at their main website).

Negatives: - The size can be a program, which is why I make sure to have my headset with me at all times. + While my headset is in I can use the phone as a smart PC and view the internet or do research while talking to the person (my own tiny laptop). -Just like anything that is complex and with alot of options at first the phone can be a bit "scary". I would only recommend it to people who want to break away from their normal phone conversations (a simple razor, one of my favorites easily fills the place of a simple phone) and indulge themselves in a business smart phone with outlook, the ability to use powerpoint and microsoft word and more.

GET IT? If you find a deal (got mine for $170 dollars, didn't have to pay for internet subscription and decide to use the phones WIFI =D) and are used to smartphones or want to learn, the AT&T Tilt or any HTC like product WILL satisfy you.


Extra Features [4] - With its computer like quality the possibilities are almost endless. (codecs/software)

(Bluetooth, WIFI, ACTS LIKE A MODEM (Amazed me, my laptop can connect to the internet threw my phone).

Durability [3.5] - With its bold frame and my 2x accidental drop trest with no problems, GREAT! =D I like a phone that can take a beating and is still so expensive. Though the original had a few problems (battery for me, second came with a new battery : 0 problems)

Style [3.7] - With

Battery [5] - When I sleep and its not plugged in, my battery only loses 3%. The day finishes and I have used it multiple times, and its not below half battery life. I am very impressed at its accuracy to the amount it has left as well as its life span and efficiency.

Display [4] - I would have given it a 5 if the Iphone had not come out. The screen could be bigger, which would make web browsing the slightest bit better viewing wise. Though graphically, its GREAT.

Reliability [3.7] - The software has yet to crash with me, but because its so advanced speed can always be effected by something (though you can't really find lack of speed in the phone).

Size [2.8] - Its about the size of the inside of my palm with just under an inch of depth. Bit bulky, but compared to the Iphone, hardly more.

Keyboard [5] - The screen tilts and the qwerty keyboard is great once you got the hang of it, COMPUTER like indeed.

Reception [5] - On the other side of my house still was able to use my headset, amazing bluetooth, wifi, and satelite. I like AT&T's reception in general for their network =D