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Att, Worse Than Cingular?

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Nicholas Harrell By Nicholas Harrell on
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When I first got a cell phone years ago, the only one available in my area was cingular. The plan wasn't that a price either, ended up being around 30 bucks a month for 250 minutes, free roaming and unlimited night and weekends. I used this plan for 4 years, up till when AT&T bought out cingular. After that, my billing went wonky as can be. My prices skipped around. I went from paying 30 to up to 90 due to hidden fees that when I called and asked them about, I could never get a straight answer. It finally got to the point where I called them and asked how much longer was in my contract. They told me I was out and was on month to month, so I jumped ship straight to verizon. The kicker is, after 5 months of verzion, I get a bill in the mail out of nowhere from AT&T saying I owed them 11 dollars, and was past due 5 months. I had cancelled my account and everything, so I couldn't pay it online, or get any tech support on it. I finally called their support and stayed on the line to talk to a manager, and paid the 11 bucks. Then a month later I get a bill again, saying they owed me 11 bucks! When I called them back and sit on the line again for an hour, the rep told me that he was sorry and they would send me a check for 11 bucks in a month, but now I have a 5 month deliquent bill on my credit cause of them. Stay clear of AT&T.