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Attack Of The Killer Shoe

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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I love to walk, and before the accident would average 3-15 miles or more a week, walking with the boys everywhere. Needless to say we all wore out shoes fairly quickly. I bought Nike Air Max based on the gym instructor's recommendations.

The overall feeling of support was very good initially. The shoe has a clean design and basic good looks. To balance the wear on them, I alternated between Reeboks and this pair. The Reeboks are lighter and more cushiony for walking, something that surprised me because I associated Nike with quality comfortable footwear. Boy was I ever wrong.

Within one week I developed heel blisters from my achilles tendon being abraded by the rubbing of the back of the shoe. We went back to Penney's and had the sales rep look at the shoe and my badly swollen achilles area. They told us that the shoes had a steel shank in the back side of the shoe, and it appeared as if the shoes were defective. So, after finding another pair of the same model, and inspecting it for defects, I brought the new pair home.

Initially the shoes did feel more comfortable, and the rubbing stopped-I thought. Then while walking along a river bed with the boys, I felt my feet get hot and wet. Looking down I saw both socks were bright red with blood. Removing the shoes, I discovered both achilles tendons had been cut horizontally, deeply enough to cause a copious amount of bleeding. Looking at both shoes, the back area shank had worked through the outer covering and bit into the tendons.

After getting medical treatment, I contacted the store and Nike. Nike admitted they have the occasional problem with the support shank, when shoes are used heavily. Ummm.. isn't that why we buy athletic shoes???? They sent me a gift certificate which I used on their apparel. I suppose I could have brought suit against them, but it's not worth it. Neither are their shoes worth what most folks pay for them.

Since this happened to me, 4 other people I personally know have had issues similar to mine or simply had the shoes start to fall apart after a relatively short time. The lesson here is not to fall for overhyped overpriced merchandise, without doing your homework first. Especially when it comes to items that directly impact your physical well being. Nike claims they are the premier sports outfitters, and produce world class athletic footwear. Oh really? My bloodied feet told a far different and more accurate tale.