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Attack Of The Rabbids On The Wii!!

Reviewing: Nintendo Wii Rayman: Raving Rabbids  |  Rating:
crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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My sister picked up a really cute game for our Wii called Rayman: Raving Rabbids. She said one of the number one reasons she got it was because she had a coupon but she also thought it looked really funny.

I have never heard of Rayman before but I guess he has already been in a couple of other video games. The premise of the game is actually quite funny and some of the mini games you play throughout the game are very humorous. Apparently Rayman's world has been attacked and taken over by out of control, rabid bunnies. Yes you read that right, crazy bunnies!

Some of the mini-games include beating the bunnies while they are dancing, tossing a cow a certain distance, drawing snacks for the bunnies to eat to keep them satisfied, keeping the bathroom doors closed while they go to the bathroom so they don't get mad and throw plungers at them, plus many more!

This is a very fun game and it's good to play for a little while but I can't see myself playing it hours on end trying to beat it. It's great when you just want to laugh at the bunnies for a little bit.

Oh and also the games is rated E for everyone, so it is very family friendly. It's also one of the cheaper Wii games available at $19.99.