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Att's Samsung D407 A Decent Bare Bones Phone

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dave By dave on
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I picked up a Samsung D407 for free as part of a new cell phone plan. I wanted a Nokia, but those cost money. That said, I must say this Samsung is a decent phone for utilitarian purposes.

I'm one of those guys who uses his phone for calling people and other basics. That said, this phone does that okay. Nokias and Ericssons also on the AT&T network held better reception for my area, but it is okay at best.

Features? The Samsung has a decent text messaging pad and also seems decently ergonomic. Only problem is that it has buttons along the side of the phone, meaning if you carry it in your pocket it can -- and will -- "ghost call" people.

Likewise, the ringtone options are weak (inferior to Nokia), and the gaming is non-existant, for those who like to play games on their phones. It comes with Tetris, and you have to buy it for it to work beyond the short demo range.

Another downside is nobody really has one of these Samsung phones. Or at least, all of my friends have stylish phones like the Motorola RAZR and Verizon Chocolate. Whip out one of these and nobody's going to care. This phone isn't going to score points with the opposite sex, if you will. No, this phone seems more suited to a 40 year old male who uses it for basic purposes - that's what I would envision the owner of this as.

Another negative: Battery charge is weak if you're one of those heavy phone users. It won't last the day. Also, the camera phone doesn't have the capability to email out of the phone. It is useless if you need to take phones for evidence of anything.

However, if you're like me, you're not buying this phone for fancy purposes. Just something to keep it simple with. If you want flashy or stylish, you will be disappointed.