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Audio Technica At Pl50 Turntable

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Audio-Technica's AT-PL50 turntable is a great for those who are wanted to start listening to their old records again, or are just beginning to start a collection. It's sleek, yet simple design does not require more knowledge than it takes to operate a CD player as it is fully automatic. Simply place the record on the platter (which includes a rubber mat), select the size (12" or 7" with included adapter), select the speed (33 1/3 or 45rpm), and press the start button. The platter will automatically start spinning, and the tone arm will lift and lower itself into place at the start of the record, and will go back into place when it reaches the end of the record. There is also a stop button which gently lifts the tone arm and rests it while stopping the platter, and a pause button which lifts the tone arm from the record but keeps the platter spinning. Of corse you can manually lift the tone arm to start the turntable and select the track groove you so choose.

A great feature of the AT-PL50 is the built-in pre-amp. Where as most turntables at this price range require a pre-amp before connecting to modern stereo receiver, the AT-PL50 can be hooked up to any speaker system that has a RCA stereo input. Alternatively if your receiver has a Phono input (as most older ones do), you can turn off the pre-amp by simply flicking the switch underneath the platter.

Top selling features of the AT-PL50 are the Diamond stylus which will give quality sound for around 1000 hours of playback, fully automatic belt driven platter, and the built in pre-amp which allows for connectivity to just about any modern stereo receiver. Although the AT-PL50 is not a top of the line turntable, it will be great for anyone who is a casual listener who is not concerned with all the bells and whistles that are found on higher end turntables.