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Audioslave By, You Guessed It, Audioslave

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Audioslave's self-titled debut album has all the parts to be an amazing album. Unfortunately, it was put together in such a way that it's stuck at the "meh" level as a release. My rationale for such a bold statement is that the album quite simply nosedives half way through the journey.

Don't get me wrong there are some stellar tracks on tis album, they're just all in the beginning. Most bands have the good sense to spread out their singles and other catchy songs throughout the album so the listener doesn't get bored and give up. Apparently nobody told Chris Cornell this. Speaking of Cornell his vocals really carry the album (along with a hefty amount of crunchy grunge guitar work). He's one of those singers who really stands apart form the rest and that you instantly recognize on the radio. Lyrically, the songs range from "Ok, I get it Chris. Stop yelling" to "Wait? Whaaat?".

All in all its a little more than mediocre but definitely worth a listen for any Cornell fans (are there any left?). I'd recommend the tracks "Cochise", "Show me how to live", "What you are", "Like a stone", "Set it off", and "Exploder".