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Audiosurf: Ride Your Music

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By jihoon on
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The tag line of Audiosurf, "Ride Your Music" is exactly what you do in this game. Audiosurf is a rhythm/music/puzzle game where you choose any music file that you like and the game automatically creates a literal "track" where your car can roam. Your car passes different colored blocks where you must create color chains of 3 blocks or more to score points.

The gameplay differs depending on the character chosen. Most of the characters will have you playing the puzzle aspect of choosing 3 of the same colored blocks, while a different type of character will have you avoiding most blocks and collecting a select few. Each character has their own unique ability such as being able to collect blocks for later use or being able to push them in different lanes.

Considering that this game was made by an independent team, I'd have to say that it is absolutely amazing. The fact that they were able to create a system of creating a different kind of level for each type of song is an outstanding feat and allows the gameplay to be potentially limitless. The funky effects appearing around the track are electronically beautiful and simplistic which truly does immerse you in the music. Not only can you hear your favorite tracks but you can play them as well.

The game as of yet has not been released and will be released sometime in February 2008. I would definitely buy it.