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Aunt Dimity Slays The Dragon By Nancy Atherton

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Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon is a novel in a mystery series that I have been reading off and on over the past year or so. It is written by Nancy Atherton and is very enjoyable and a little on the supernatural side.

Lori Shepard and husband Bill are Americans living in a quaint English village by the name of Finch. A Renaissance Faire, King Wilfred's Faire, is coming to town for the weekends during the summer, and the whole village is abuzz with excitement. But something is not quite right, as accidents keep happening to King Wilfred, and Lori refuses to believe they are just accidents. Lori's Aunt Dimity comes to her aid, giving her advice and helping her to keep her overactive imagination under control. Aunt Dimity isn't really related to Lori, and she also happens to be dead. Dimity was good friends with Lori's mother, now also deceased. But Dimity is able to converse with Lori from the beyond through a blue journal of blank pages. Lori opens the book and talks to Dimity, and Dimity's beautiful handwriting appears on the page. (That's where the supernatural comes in). Lori wants to enjoy the Faire but also wants to find out if someone is attempting to kill King Wilfred and why. She converses with Dimity throughout the novel.

This book is very entertaining. I enjoy all of the Aunt Dimity novels. I wish I had an Aunt Dimity from beyond who could give me some advice. Wouldn't that be handy?

This book is 230 pages long and has a recipe in the back for honey cakes, which are featured in the story. It is an entertaining and funny novel, and I look forward to all of the Aunt Dimity novels. This would make for good reading on a quiet summer afternoon.