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bubbacat By bubbacat on
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I only buy Authority Adult Sensitive Solutions Cat Food for my kitties. It is stressed that we should feed our animals meat as the primary ingredient. We also need to watch out for certain ingredients that are not beneficial to their diet. You cannot buy cat food in the grocery store. I haven't seen one food there which doesn't start with meat-by-products. You don't want meat-by-products. Read the label. The front packaging says meat and veggies and great advertisement with colorful bag. Then read the label. Packaging is deceiving....so be careful. Our pets do not need all of that artificial coloring either. We used to feed our cats Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. It was jacked up to 38.00 for a 17 lb bag. I said " no way". It's outrageous. I also wasn't just so sure about the content of that food. We had the tainted pet foods out there. I just wonder how long our poor pets suffered and how many we lost to tainted food thinking it was just a medical /disease which took them. I guess we will really never feel safe with commercial pet foods. Alot of people are making their own pet food. I think that is wonderful. I have a total of 13 cats and just acquired a kitten which was dumped on our road. Not to mention, the neighborhood cats like to stop and eat here too. Help! I always have loved cats. It is hard to turn them away when they are hungry. Anyway....I searched for a new pet food for my cats at Petsmart. I really like Petsmart because you can buy many bags at one time. They also have some better brands. As mentioned, the grocery stores do not have the better quality brands. I chose, and I hope made the right decision, Authority Sensitive Solutions. Authority is a Petsmart brand and can only be bought at their store. I paid 11.00 for an 8 lb bag. I like the ingredients listed. My cats like turkey. Turkey is the #1 ingredient. This food is for Ages 1-7. The food is made without beef, corn, and wheat. All of these can cause food intolerance which could lead to skin problems to name a few. Turkey is used for those cats with sensitive skin/sensitive stomachs. The bag also states that the recipe includes oatmeal. Here recently, they have a more real meat taste (improved). The bag is purple. There are no animal-by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We always buy a large quantity of this food because we have to travel 45 minutes away to purchase it. We don't make special trips, we usually are in the area of Petsmart from time to time. I feel I made the right choice. My cats love it and eat it like crazy. I rate it highly. I will not buy grocery store pet food. Authority is my choice for my cats.