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Reviewing: Reckitt Benckiser Air Wick Fresh Matic Spray  |  Rating:
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I love it when my room or the entire house smells like a fruit or citrusy or even freshly baked goodies. I have nothing against floral scents; it is just that I have an allergic reaction when a strong floral like rose-scented spray is being used at home. I get a very bad migraine after smelling florals. However, lavender and freesia is a different story because somehow, they smell like a child's baby powder!

This Air Wick spray is rather expensive considering it is battery operated ( 3 batteries). The unit alone costs AED 67.00 without refills. I was lucky enough to get this combo, a unit and a refill in one as a promo but if I buy the spray refill, it costs around AED 25.00 which is way expensive for a home frangrance spray. However, given the duration of the scent to waft longer is a definite plus factor. The sprayer unit sprays or emits scent almost every 15 minutes round-the-clock and depending on the battery you will use, it can go on for more than 3 months. My unit came with generic batteries and the spray lasted for nearly 2 months and that was good enough.

The unit came with a Sicilian Lemon and Ginseng spray refill which smells heavenly. It energizes our dwindling mood. I have not tried other scents yet, I have seen lavender and ocean mist on the grocery shelf but have yet to check them out.

The shape is another plus factor for me because it looks like a petal or a dew drop which resembles being close to nature. I find this a great spray unit. One caution though, since the spray can cause eye irritation when accidently sprayed on eyes, the unit must be kept somewhere out of the reach of children like up the curio stand or a corner table where no one normally passes. All in all, this is a great product without having to use electricity. I give it a thumbs up!