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"Autoglym Leather Cleaner" For All Your Sexy Leather Gear!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Autoglym leather cleaner

Autoglym Leather Cleaner is made by Autoglym of course, which is a British company, making a wide range of car care products, and very good ones at that. They have a website of course, and there are some very good tips on there, see the Autoglym site for yourself. You will be able to find out all about the best product for your particular job, and even source some good cleaning tips.

I must state that I am a fan of Autoglym products, but will just say that I review anything honestly, so if something is rubbish, I will say so. Luckily the review item here is a good one. Leather cleaner is something many people don't bother with, after all, you can clean leather with soapy water can't you? No, any detergent based product will remove dirt and grime from leather, but will also strip away the essential oils that are neccessary to keep the leather supple.

The Autoglym leather cleaner is in a plastic half-litre bottle with a trigger, designed to produce a fine spray. This is a good design, and is easy to operate, minimising overspray. The cleaner itself is pH neutral, and is a joy to use. You simply spray a small area of leather, do not overdo this, then gently rub with a soft clean cloth.A microfibre cloth is the best, but I find old tee shirt material is good enough. If the leather is heavily soiled, you can allow the cleaner to soak in for two minutes, but this is probably not neccessary. You can then move to the next section. That is the end of the cleaning procedure, but after making sure the leather is dry, you then need to apply some leather care cream. Autoglym also makes a cream, but as long as you use a decent quality, it doesn't matter what brand you choose.

I use a lot of Autoglym products, including this leather cleaner, and I will always recommend it. The company is by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, and also HRH The Prince of Wales. The entire Autoglym range is selected by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. Jaguar Cars Ltd. and also the Morgan Motor Co Ltd.

There are no special precautions to take with this, used properly it is perfectly safe. As with all cleaning products, keep away from children, and in case of eye contamination, flush with plenty of water. If swallowed, seek medical attention and as usual, take the container with you. Do not induce vomitting.

The leather cleaner has a long shelf life and because you use it sparingly, it will last for many years. It works on leather seats, gaiters, steering wheels, and apart from use in the car, it does just as good a job on your shoes! The cleaner also contains deodorising agents, to keep the leather smelling fresh. I received mine as a gift, but the cheapest place to buy it is at car shows, where it is often sold at huge discounts.