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Autoglym Microfibre Cloths, Very Good Indeed.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I would like to tell you about the Microfibre cloths, in this case Autoglym ones, although these are sold by a wide number of outlets nowadays. The cloths are suitable for general cleaning, of paintwork, glass, interiors, and many more jobs. These Autoglym ones are designed for use on the car, but you can use them for a range of jobs in the home too.

Autoglym is a company with a lot of respect in the trade, they have also been producing materials for the car owner for quite a few years now. They produce wide range of cleaning and polishing materials, all very good. These items are best purchased in a package, ideally at car shows, where the discounts available are massive.

I will just give you an idea of what these cloths actually are, they are simply "soft" general purpose cloths. The name "Microfibre" comes from the measurement of the fibres. These fibres are only one denier, and to give you an example of just how small that is, nine thousand meters of a 1-denier fibre, weighs just one gramme! Now you know why these cloths are so soft. The actual material is usually Polyester, although other man-made fibres can be used.

Microfibre is also used for clothing, usually sports clothing, as it is a good material for comfort, and it also "wicks away" sweat. It is also elastic, and a good insulation material. This was becoming popular with the Armed Forces of many countries, unfortunately it is flammable, so now not used by troops.

These Autoglym Microfibre cloths are very practical, they can be used to dry the car, just like a chamois leather. They can also be used to apply polishes and waxes, and also as a finishing cloth, to buff the paintwork to a high gloss. They are also very effective on glass, as they do not leave fluff or dust behind.

There are limitations, but not many. These cloths can be washed and re-used many times, but as they are made from synthetic materials, they are not as environmentally friendly as cotton. It is far "greener" to use recycled garments like old tee shirts, although you have to be very careful to remove buttons, zips etc. Microfibre is also non-biodegradable.

I thoroughly recommend the use of these cloths, as they last many years, and do the job perfectly. Autoglym makes very good quality ones, although you will find cheaper versions in supermarkets. I paid just £2 for mine, but you will find them for less at many outlets.

I use one for applying polish, I also use old tee shirts for polishing bodywork and glass, but save the Autoglym Microfibre cloths for the final buffing up. I also use these on my polishing machine, they work particularly well on this. As you may have guessed, I am recommending these wonderful items.