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Autograph Anyone

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By ladychai on
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Being part of the Management team, this means that your signature is a commodity often times. So you have to always be equipped with pens all the time.

More often than not, I used to just use any type of pen however there came a time when I was assigned to handle an extra curricular activity within the company and we had this acquaintance party, part of the activity was recognizing the efforts of the leaders via giving out certificates. I can't just use any ordinary pen!!! I have put extra effort to it, the employees will cherish the certificates given to them so I should make sure that the certificate are done heartily.

I was looking for a good signpen, not expensive but is good enough for signing. When it comes to pens, you can always buy cheap without sacrificing quality you know. I don't believe that a parker's pen will magically improve your handwriting. It is within the wave of your hands, each scribbling you make matters so if you want to improve on your handwriting all you need to do is give more attention with how you write each letter. No expensive pen can instantly improve one's handwriting if the writer does not know how to intricately move his or her fingers.

Then instead of a signpen, I found at the corner of the store some markers stacked in one shelf, since I also use a marker for my DVD collection, I decided to investigate who knows I may end up buying one. Then I noticed this one marker, it states fine point, hmmm. BIC Marking Ultra fine point permanent Marker, I have used BIC ballpens before and I like them especially when doodling and doing some lettering since it has a knack of not saving any ink, it just flows and flows thereby giving a heavier look on your scribbles.

Fine point huh? Lemme see... and indeed it was. A light bulb lit above my head... caching!!! I can use this definitely. Hmmm... I'll buy one. It is a good investment because the certificate papers we used are rather shiny, if I were to use a signpen, the tendency will be that it will blot all over the certificate and making it dirty and when you accidentally touch what you have written, tendency is that it will smudge, yikes, but because I used a fine point marker, I did not have that problem, the other manager's also used the same pen as the pen gave my signature a more presentable look.

I plan to buy the same type of pen/marker once I am out, who knows I may give more certificates this year, we can never tell.