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Auto Zone Brakes... A Name You Can Count On !!!

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Steve Collier By Steve Collier on
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I've been a “Shade-tree” mechanic most of my life because my Father was a mechanic and always insisted I learned how to repair my own vehicles... I knew what fractions were before I ever started to school, and it amazed the teachers in my first few years that I had such a great understanding of mathematics.

From time to time, I am able to use these skills to make an extra dollar or two by helping friends fix their cars... I save them hundreds of dollars at times over the price a mechanic shop would charge to make the repairs because I do the work right in my driveway... You guessed it... “Under a huge Shade Tree !!!”

A good friend of mine came over just yesterday and asked if I would fix the brakes on his car... I had made repairs on his car before and he trusted me to do a good job for him again. When I worked on his car before, I insisted he use AutoZone parts for two reasons... The price is unbeatable and when you buy parts that offer a lifetime warranty, all you have to do is give them your phone number as a tracking number and you're set !!! No need to worry about keeping up with receipts... Just give them your phone number when you get ready to replace the parts again and they will look you up on their computer tracking service. Some items do require a core charge, but they will refund that as soon as you bring the old part back, so your replacement parts are absolutely FREE !!!

We needed brakes for the front and back of his 1990 Honda Civic, so he went to the local AutoZone to pick up the parts... The front brake pads were only $11.99, and the rear brake shoes were only slightly higher at $16.99... Both with a three month warranty !!! He was able to replace all the brake pads and shoes on his car at a fraction of the cost a professional mechanic would have charged him, and best of all, it came with a guarantee !!!

I started buying all my parts from AutoZone shortly after seeing some of the first stores in my area... Ever since then, I have made it a point to tell all my friends in need of car parts to buy their parts at AutoZone... Quality Parts... Good Prices... & a warranty they are proud to stand behind... I know I'll never buy my parts anywhere else...