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Autumn Wave On Air Hdtv Gt

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The AutumnWave OnAir GT is an excellent PVR solution for those that are either looking for DVR functionality and/or for those who want to see high-quality TV while travelling. For the DVR functionality, the scheduler is pretty straight-forward for recording programs, with plenty of advanced features like stealth recording and timeshift-capable recordings. The HD capture is high quality and not overly CPU-intensive given that the CPU is made to do the processing.

For portability, the OnAir unit is about the size of a deck of cards, with a small antenna included. When you are at home you can hook up your coaxial cable to the unit to get uninterrupted pictures and additional channels (the unit supports QAM, and cable companies widely vary in how many channels can be obtained this way). You can also use the included antenna to receive channels, as the major networks all broadcast in HD Over-The-Air. The tiny antenna is surprisingly good at picking up signals and displaying channels without any noise.

The picture quality is great, and the product has been around for a while so a lot of the kinks have already been worked out of it. On top of that the product support is incredible, as their support is not only quick to respond, but also incredibly active on avsforums.com, answering questions within hours.

The user interface leaves something to be desired, as it's not very polished looking. However, it has far greater functionality than most of the other HDTV Tuners on the market. Additionally the included remote can be setup to control all kinds of applications besides the OnAir program itself. It can control your media player, web browser, etc. either via some of the preset profiles or a custom profile you create.

The unit connects to a computer via USB, making this the ideal laptop PVR solution.