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Lindy Smith By Lindy Smith on
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The immortal Charlie Brown summed up Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots just perfectly. This is the final installment in the long-running Metal Gear Solid series. You are Old Snake and must track down your arch-nemesis, Liquid Snake in this stealth ops third person game. The graphics are incredible and there are many homages to previous installments and characters from the series. There is every bit as much stealth action in this game as in the other Metal Gear games and therein lies the largest flaw in the game. Since you are by yourself for most of the game, drawing attention to yourself will only make your missions more difficult if not impossible. Sneaking around isn't the problem. The trouble is that you work meticulously to figure out a way to sneak past a group of guards and your reward is a cutscene that takes twenty minutes to get through with no way to fast forward or skip it. My brother accurately likened the game to, "bringing your controller to a Metal Gear movie". All the cutscenes are beautiful and semi-interactive, but you play for ten minutes, watch a twenty minute scene. Play for another twenty minutes, watch another forty minutes, etc...Then the separate sections of the game have to load which can take up to ten minutes each time. The final scene when you complete the game is an hour long!!! When put together with the cutscenes throughout, you're watching more than two hours of storyline and actually only playing for about an hour. I like a game to have a good story and some good looking graphics, but you don't get to do nearly enough in this one. It's a beautiful game and a must for hardcore MGS fans, but I would not waste my time with this game for anyone who doesn't have the patience to sit through endless droning.