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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I never got to see this film while it was in theaters but vowed that when it came out on DVD and Blu-Ray that I was going to buy it on Blu-Ray for sure. Mainly for the graphic quality of the Blu-Ray. I am so glade I bought the Blu-Ray. This movie was made to be seen in Blu-Ray format. It's amazing and the video, graphics and sound quality are incredible.

The plot of the film is humans have found a planet that has a mineral in the earth they can get a lot of money for harvesting. The problem is the native peoples live on the largest reserve of this mineral and the humans have to try and convince these natives to relocate. These are not normal natives but larger creature that are blue. In my mind they are beautiful creatures. Three humans through science are able to control Avatar bodies so that they blend in with the local natives in the hopes to be able to make peace and negotiate with them. The humans are relentless as humans will be and the three who have been working with the Avatars turn on their own kind and try to save the Avatar planet and it's native people from the destructive humans. A war breaks out and nature prevails in the end.

I had heard mixed feelings about this blockbuster film. Some were good, some were bad. I was a little leery of watching it not knowing what I would think of it. I ended up LOVING this film. One of the best films I have seen in a LONG time. Probably one of the best graphic oriented films I've seen since The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It was AMAZING. Defenatly a film I will be watching over and over.