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Avatar A Visual Treat

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They were right when they said that its a movie that you cant talk about, rather you have to see it. I have to admit that I already had a slight bias against the movie because of what some friends have said. Added to this bias is the previous blockbuster movies that were hyped up but when I watched it, I was bored or have predicted every following scene. It was commented that Avatar was just the typical epic battle between 2 forces that just couldnt agree, as well as the ever present greed of man with resources that they would resort to violence if met with some form of retaliation, then ultimately everything became all right in the end.

Of course I had only some glimpses of the visual effects of the movie in previews and the trailers. I had no idea that I would be transported to another world, reminiscent of the Tarzan landscape. The visual effects were that good that I couldnt distinguish between the real thing from the CGI. There were little details like the Avatar bodies' hands and hair that seemed like real human. The faces are also an enigma cause there are shots that looks like the actors' skin painted blue but when you look at the other facial features, it is clearly CGI because of the eyes and the nose. The landscape of the forests does seem real that makes you wonder if there are such places in real life existing or is it just a wonderfully crafted world using technology. But still, it's just an excellent blending of fantasy and the real thing that the whole movie is a great 3D visual treat.

The storyline also has its meat. Sure, it could be easily summarized in a paragraph, but there are possible underlying themes. The humans there had a dying planet (which is Earth). They went to Pandora (moon of the planet Polyphemus) to seek and acquire resources but they resorted to violence and destruction of the place, even kill the local people, just to get access. There was also the theme of betrayal.

Overall, the movie is just one huge epic battle with a sprinkle of love, life, friendship and hope. An explosive clash between technology and nature set in a panoramic view of an untainted planet. As mentioned, you have to see it to enjoy it.^_^