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Avatar Hdvs.Avatar 3 D How Do They Compare?

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Peter McCall By Peter McCall on
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Hd Avatar Hddvds Vs Avaar


What a film this is!? I was so surprised when I originally sat down to view this well-known picture that I nearly dropped my popcorn. I had set up the Blu-Ray disc in my 1080p Sony Bravia TV and the graphics just blew my away! I don't know how James Cameron developed these brilliant visuals but blimey were they good!

Now onto the plot: suprising the plot didn't let the film down either. Now I know what you might be saying 'A film with a good storyline and good graphics, no way...' but it's true! The spectacular ar thing was that I didn't even expect a decent plot out of this movie but it delivered and it delivered bloody well! The basis of the film is that an old war veteran is entered into a world that he is simply oblivious to but gradually he begins to understand the meaning behind life. He is transformed from a man with no working legs to an 'Avatar' with 2 fully working, 5 foot-long legs. This is a truly moving tale.

Now then, onto the 3D side of the show. Obviously I had to go to the cinema to see this part which was a minor hassle but I'll live. Avatar's 3D is the basis of my need to see this picture. I viewed the film at my local movie theatre in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. I expected a fair share of objects would fly off the screen and attack my indirectly. I maybe could have expected more from this film's 3D properties and I do not believe that this sector added to my viewing experience. Although actually having to go and see a film more than once can make even an avid film fan bored to misery. The textures that the film portrays are extra ordinary and I was amazed at how real the avatar people looked when they clearly are not real beings. There are some moments that I will never forget in life and viewing Avatar for the first time has to be one of them. Never see it again would be my major piece of advice. It will put you off and bore you and finally it will create a wrong image of this movie in your brain. It is a great film not to be put aside or forgotten because I believe this will live on for many centuries to come.

A benchmark for HD and 3D films, Avatar shocked many millions of people. I have to admit right now that I am one of those socked people. My emotions were strained to every possible high and low that you can imagine. Simply unbelievable! I don't know how Mr James Cameron can consistently bring out such brilliant movies in his advancing years and I have no doubt in my mind that he will continue to do so in the future. A truly remarkable man creates an ever more remarkable film. Please allow yourself the pleasure of viewing this film. Do not listen to any other critic's reviews but trust me and do not doubt the feelings of the heart.