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Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water Vol. 1

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I have to say, the Avatar: The Last Airbender series got me hooked after a couple episodes. Yes it is created and produced by Nicklodeon / Paramount, but don't dismiss this one as another kiddy cartoon you adults out there! This animated series actually has a great story behind it and is well worth watching. The continuing story follows Aang, a Airbender who was raised by Monks in one of the air nomad temples, and who is destined to be The next Avatar. An Avatar who is the master of manipulating or "bending" all of the elements to his will, which includes earth, air, fire and water. It is also up to the Avatar to maintain peace and balance in the world as well, between all of the nations which are divided and also fall under each of the four elements.

So feeling the pressure of this responsibility, and not wanting to be the next Avatar in line, Aang decides to run away. Although, he doesn't return, well at least not after 100 years pass. During this time, the Fire Nation has declared war on the other 3 nations, completely destroying the air nation and all of the nomads, in hopes to break the Avatar cycle. and take over the world under Fire Nation rule. I'd go on but it's actually more interesting to watch than read about!

Book 1: Water Volume 1, has the first 4 episodes in the series including:

* The Boy in the Iceburg

* The Avatar Returns

* The Southern Air Temple

* The Warriors of Kyoshi

Plus bonus special features on the dvd which include:

* Behind the scenes "Kung Fu" feature

So, if you plan to give this series a try, here is where you want to start. You really won't be sorry and I know once you watch, you'll be hooked like I am. There is humor, drama, culture, moral lessons, fantastic characters, and much more. This is one series I will be collecting every book and volume of!