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Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 2

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By shulockabaulugy on
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If you loved Book 1 of Avatar, you will love Book 2 as well or better. The second season loses none of the action, humor, and character. Fans will watch with eager excitement as Aang strives to master the second of his elements, Earth. The addition of hilarious blind tomboy Toph to the "Avatar Gang" early in the season adds to the fun. Avid fans will rejoice at the return of their old favorites (and unfavorites); Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Uncle Iroh, and other characters from the past, and will love all the new additions to the cast. This series just keeps getting better!!

And adults, don't let this "Cartoon" make you think it's a child's thing just because it's a cartoon. This great collection is intelligently written. For adults, this series will entertain you with its witty writing, deep life lessons that you can learn from or relate to, and at times; clever humor only "adults" can understand. For the kids, they'll be entertained by the great imaginary lands and powers that Aang and the gang encounters throughout their travels. They'll also be entertained by the silly jokes and slaptick comedy. They'll definitely love the excitement/action of the storyline. All this while they'll be learning great life lessons. How to carry yourself, how to be honorable, how to choose and do what's right, and the list goes on and on... Watch it and spread the word about this show. I've never been this passionate about a show.