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Aveeno Moisturizing Bar With Oatmeal

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True to my nature, curiosity always gets the better of me so while out one day, I decided to "indulge" and spend the $7 for this Aveeno Moisturizing facial bar to see what all the fuss was about this particular manufacturer's products. To be perfectly honest, it took me awhile to realize it - but when it finally hit me that I wasn't using my dermabrasion kit any longer - I actually patted myself on the back for having allowed my curiosity to "indulge" me. This is actually a very good product in my opinion.


Oat Kernel Flour, Water, Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, citric acid and the label tells us the company claims to use ingredients "sourced from nature".

Simple, no fuss use

You can use this bar with any type of application you wish - washcloth, hands, exfoliating puff, etc. After rinsing, the skin doesn't feel tight or dry, just smooth and clean and by the looks of things, this bar will last for awhile as I've no need to use a lot of it to get the job done. It removes makeup with very little effort even though it doesn't really appear to be doing what it should simply because with most facial bars we expect lather. Don't bother looking for little tell tale signs of Oatmeal on your face afterward either, which might have people wondering whether you even understand that oatmeal is to be eaten and not worn ....this bar rinses away cleanly and I've not noticed any residual - no little specs, crumbs or dust of any sort.

How does the face like it?

Well, I did notice that if I used this bar daily my skin did begin to dry out in areas, now whether that's just a "me" thing I don't know, but sensitive types won't want to use this daily as the moisturizing experience just doesn't seem to be there if used too frequently. I decided to cut back to using it every 2nd day and the dryness disappeared. Did I notice any rejuvenating qualities or a more healthy glow? Honestly, I've not really inspected things that closely and the fact that I just might get a little money on the no longer necessary dermabrasion kit has me too giddy to care.

Bottom Line - Is it worth the price tag?

Well, as long as this doesn't find its way into the shower as a bar of soap for others in the family (and I'm pretty certain the color and the fact that this bar has very little scent appeal or sudsing qualities will protect my investment), then yes I'd say I'd pay this again - but as for a bar that you'd use daily for showering, no, I'd not recommend it. As a facial bar alone it seems to do the job it claims to.

Ok, Aveeno, you won me over with this facial bar - now I notice you enticing me with a few other products...we'll see.