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Avent Isis I Q Duo Breast Pump

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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got this pump when our new baby came. I wanted to be able to give Daddy a chance to feed him sometimes.

It's also so much easier when you are out running around to give baby a bottle.

I wanted a good electronic pump that would work, not be painful, and not cost six hundred dollars! One of the Breastfeeding consultants the hospital referred me to suggested this pump. She told me that the Avent Isis iQ duo is the best lower priced electric pump being sold.

I believe I paid around $349.00 Which sounds like a lot but others are more. Recently I've seen these online priced at $220-$299

I've tried other pumps in the past with my other kids(ones they sell at Target, Walmart etc) and they never did work.

This pump comes with a start up DVD ( I never watched it)

A bunch of extra/replacement valves parts etc,

2 small transport soft coolers with ice packs( never used those either) These are not flimsy like most of the ice packs and soft coolers you see..they are very nice, thick, heavy duty, easy to clean fabric.

It also comes with bottles 2-4oz and 2- 9oz, the nipples etc for those.

A really classy and convenient carry bag/case ( black)

A quick start chart/instruction sheet, bottle sealers and stands.

Massage cushions are included to help with the "let down " reflex.These are made with a soft clear flexible material. I'm not really sure what the material is called but it feels a lot like the material they use to make their bottle nipples.

The massage pads are smooth with large flower petal shaped raised "massagers" placed all the way around the inside of the cushion.

These just slip into the funnel looking part that goes around your breast.

When you are pumping, the suction causes the cushion to "pulse" and "massage" the breast and nipple( gently). This is of course what helps with the "let down reflex".

My first couple tries, I used it with out the massager pads, it kinda pinched! I also had the suction to strong (double ouch!) Finally I got smart and used the massage pads. Much more comfortable!and they really did help with the let down. Never had any pains after that.

Oh heres a tip to try...moisten the inside of the massage

pad (just the part against your skin ) that helped SO MUCH! It provided a little slip that prevents sticking / that pinching feeling and helps to create a better seal.

The actual base part is quite small and round shaped.

It doesn't take up a lot of space, and is quiet.

You can pump 1 or both sides at once.

I only pumped one side at a time ...for me this was easier.

You control the level of suction, the speed /rhythm .

Theres a "memory button" conveniently placed on the control handle. It continues the rhythm and suction strength for you once you set it.

The control handle has what I call a duck bill shape.It is

squeezable like a spray bottle and this is used by you (hand action) to set the speed and suction.

This is the part that plugs into the base.

It sounds a little complicated but it's not.It actually has a really easy and quick assembly.

This pump worked REALLY well for me. My first couple attempts were a little difficult but getting your body to give milk to your baby and giving milk to a machine are 2 totally different things so you really have to keep at it!

It did work quickly once I got the hang of it...I could pump 6 oz's in a little over 5 minutes.

I was able to pump with out the pads after the first few tries. Although it is more comfortable to just leave it on.

I did find it much more gentle than the one I used at the hospital. ( I actually BLED when I used theirs!)You have so much more control over everything with this pump.

All of the parts are really easy to clean. Just hot soapy water!

The soft clear pieces are very durable but if you sterilize them ( by boiling or putting in the dishwasher) they will take on a cloudy appearance. Which does not affect the way they work...unless of course they melt!

I never needed to buy ANY replacement parts for this pump...they do give you extras and if you do need to replace parts they provide a reorder form and phone number.I've also seen the parts in online stores.

The bottle you are pumping into will leak around the top cap if you pump the bottle really full.

Bonus feature - you can also convert this into a manual hand pump. I never did this but directions are included and it is nice to have the option!

This pumped worked really well for me. I was really happy with it. Breast pumps are so expensive and I really feel that this is a good buy if you are looking for a gentle but effective pump.