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Avent Reusable Bottles

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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originally got these bottles about 6 months ago when we had our last baby. It came with the breast pump I bought or I never would have tried it.I didn't like the bulky look that it has.

I tried using other bottles at first(playtex, evenflo, etc) just because I was so stuck on the brands I was more familiar with.

Well, my son didn't like any of them so well. He gulped alot of air you could hear it!, made huge messes (milk beards! milk shooting out one side of the mouth while he was eating) and since he was actually a breast feed baby he wasn't at all happy with the nipples. Maybe he had trouble latching on to them.

So one day I decided to go ahead and try the Avent bottles that I had. I noticed that he didn't gulp air, no milk shot out of the sides of his mouth like it had been, and he didn't stop feeding to "growl and grumble" like he normally did when using a bottle.

So, these are the only bottles we use now. I weaned him recently (his teeth came in!) and there was no problems at all. In the past weaning my other babies was a HUGE ordeal so this time I think I have to give some credit to the new bottles.

They are very easy for baby to hold because of the wider shape. They are also contoured like an hour glass to make holding easier.

They are easier to clean because they are wider..the nipple does have one spot (a ridge thingy around the inside)that is a little tricky to clean but I never found it a big deal. (They call it a skirt..this is part of the design that allows for less air swallowing). I just use a nipple brush and wedge it in there.Also I don't know what the material is but the nipple part feels better than the other bottle nipples I've used (it's also clear)..maybe its just me but it feels more durable.

Over all I think this is a great bottle especially if you have a breastfed baby .